Let’s Talk

Coastside Conversations is a non-profit grassroots project. We provide non-biased content (yes, we think that is possible), organize community discussion groups and gather feedback about issues.


  • To share information
  • To engage in meaningful conversations about key local issues.
  • To collect varied ideas and opinions
  • To consider collaboratively:
    • What are the possibilities for our future?
    • What can we say YES to?
    • What is the criteria for evaluating these possibilities?

Here’s how it works

We send you a fact sheet on a  topic.

You invite people to your group, you discuss the topic, collect opinions and points of view and report back to Coastside conversations.

We collate the material and report back to all who participated and to local governments and organizations who need citizen input.

What’s the background?

The short answer is – because we don’t talk to each other

The Coastside communities –El Granada, Moss Beach, Montara and Half Moon Bay – are managed by multiple government agencies, commissions, and advisory councils.

The population is diverse in age, household size, income levels, and occupations.  Collectively the area and its citizens face significant challenges for housing, transportation, job creation, public utility infrastructure, and environmental protection.

And..fewer people are turning out to vote, or for meetings or have found a way to express their concerns or ask questions.  It’s confusing and frustrating.

  • Town meetings are hard to attend for parents and commuters.
  • They often dissolve into acrimony and antagonism.
  • Many don’t want to stand up and express an unpopular point of view.
  • It is hard to get information on who’s in charge and whether it affects you.

 We think that there is nothing better than a conversation to get people informed, involved and to discover new areas of commonality and possibilityshutterstock_collabcogs

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